At Kellerfarm Software, we develop scientific insturment automation and data analysis tools. All of our products are taylored specifically to our customers.

Legacy Software

Legacy software remains available for posterity, but has limited support. The products, software, and services listed below still work as originally intended, but due to lack of maintainence, likely have problems running on modern hardware and software.


Xgrid Batch Editor

A graphical interface for the job specification files used by Apple's parallel computing implementation

English Speed

A network game resembling some weird hybrid of Scrabble and Speed

Virtual Rubik's Cube

A Rubik's Cube simulator

Graphics Layout Manual

A collection of basic documentation targeted at people using InDesign and Photoshop on a Mac, written in HTML

Yearbook Suite

A very simple digital yearbook program

Open Source

The REALbasic Common KFS BSD Library

My common REALbasic code

The agentidler Library

A library for efficiently querying the system's idle status