English Speed

English Speed is a LAN game that tests your vocabulary and spelling. It's a mix between scrabble and the card game speed; you have a character bank of letters and you need to form a word out of them and hit enter before anyone else. The program only lets you type letters that you haven't used yet, and pressing enter only works for words that are already in the dictionary. There is a window in the program where you can type in a word to see if it's in the dictionary.

Currently, the dictionary for this program is embedded in the program, however in the future, I might make it external so that you can download your own dictionaries and use them - other languages, for example.

Other attributes:

  • Programmer: Andrew Keller
  • Compiler: REALbasic 2005r4
  • License: BSD
  • Status: Complete and dormant, support available for all platforms
  • Support Contact: Andrew Keller

There is a problem with either the OS X or the Linux version of English Speed, because when they start up, because they can't see each other. I'm still trying to debug the problem... The Windows version appears to work fine, though.

Then again, it could just be a problem with networking in MS Virtual PC 7 for OS X and I'm trying to find a problem that doesn't exist... Wouldn't be the first time. Virtual Rubik's Cube for Windows doesn't work in VPC 7 for OS X, either. Don't know why.