Yearbook Suite

The Yearbook Suite is a simple digital yearbook program. It is designed to have as little baggage as possible, and yet still have most of the basic features that you would want for a yearbook. It is free, and the hardware and software requirements are relatively low as to allow the widest range of recipients possible.

More specifically, this program allows you to set up a simple hierarchal folder structure, where you insert pictures and movies. Navigating the tree is quick and easy. You can also enter comments for each file that display when you are viewing a particular picture or movie.

Note: Although this program is fully functional, it is very simple. If you are looking for fancy graphics, hyperlinks, a graphical "page turning" effect, et cetera, then this program is way below what you are looking for. However, if you are looking for something small, simple, cross-platform and free, then by all means - try it out!

A suggestion on how to use this program is to use the Yearbook Suite to create a yearbook, then burn the yearbook folder plus the Yearbook Viewer onto a CD or DVD, which can be duplicated relatively easily and for a low cost. The beauty of this program being free is that you can distribute the Yearbook Suite or Viewer without worrying about licensing. Also, because this program doesn't have any baggage, you don't have to worry about the program installing advertisements or spyware on everyone's computer. It just runs, no questions asked.

Yearbook Viewer Download

The Yearbook Viewer is a simplified version of the Yearbook Suite, intended to appear less intimidating. It can only view yearbooks and edit comments.

Sample Yearbook Download

This sample yearbook is an example of what a yearbook would look like if it were made with the current version of Yearbook Suite. To use it, first make sure that there is a folder called "Yearbooks" in the same folder as your copy of Yearbook Suite or Yearbook Viewer. Then, download and unstuff the sample yearbook, and copy the folder named "Apple iChat Icons" into the Yearbooks folder.

Other attributes:

  • Programmer: Andrew Keller
  • Compiler: REALbasic 2007r1
  • License: BSD
  • Status: Complete and active, support available for all platforms
  • Support Contact: Andrew Keller