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This Much I Know

A microblog of random facts, observations, and discoveries that are otherwise difficult to look up — November 18, 2018

Using an old Mac as a Time Machine server

All you really need to set up a Time Machine server is a shared folder — February 22, 2018

Waf Introduction

A brief introduction to the meta-build system Waf — March 17, 2017


A simple responsive ASCII chart without advertising — January 27, 2016

Using Version Control with REAL Studio

REAL Studio, on the surface, might not appear to be conducive to a professional development environment with a version control system. The functionality you need, however, does in fact exist, and here's one way to use it. — June 15, 2010

Defending Against SSH Attacks

If you have an Internet-accessible SSH server, you may already know it gets attacked quite a bit. This article walks through my attempt at improving the security of one of my publicly accessible SSH servers. — January 5, 2010

Single File Executables in REALbasic

Historically, one of the hallmarks of REALbasic was its ability to create single-file executables on Windows, but in 2008, that era came to a sudden end. Developers using REAL Studio were, shall we say, not happy about this. This article attempts to explain why this decision was made. — May 2008